YR Spicy Brown Sauce Squeeze Bottle 480g



About the Producer

YR sauce is Ireland's original spicy sauce since 1837 and has been in the heart of Irish families for generations. You may recall childhood memories of YR sauce on your kitchen table for a traditional full Irish breakfast, at lunch time with a bacon breakfast sandwich or at dinner with chips, a juicy burger or BBQ bites. YR is a traditional and reliable go to sauce but it has also got a lot of modern oomph! Through its variety of quality ingredients it has the ability to bring to life various food recipes whether they are for meat dishes, vegetarian and vegan meals or snacks.

Its delicious combination of apples, tomatoes, onions, dates, vinegar and spices helps it compliment a variety of quality food dishes. So don't be afraid to get creative with YR!

YR is the type of sauce that delights every time. The type that hits the spot and gets you talking and us Irish do love great banter.