Fused by Fiona Clever Classic Soy Sauce 150ml


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Best Before 31/7/24

Clever Classic is a mild versatile soy sauce which can be used as a secret ingredient in many recipes such as one pot dishes, soups and homemade burgers. It also makes a delicious homemade teriyaki sauce when mixed with honey.

Did you know: most soy sauces are chemically processed? In Japan, these are known as ‘fake’ soy sauces as they contain many additives.

Fused Clever Classic Soy Sauce is brewed naturally and made with non-GMO soy beans. Above all, our recipes contain no added sugars, preservatives or additives.

About the Producer

Fused is different because it’s personal. A love affair with Asian food, fuelled by three years living in the region, saw Fiona Uyema channel her passion into an award-winning food business that puts flavour and convenience at its heart. 
“Fused doesn’t conform to anyone else’s notions of value, taste, tradition. It is one person’s recipes, one person’s vision, and one person’s story. With these products, I’m telling you mine.”