Builin Blasta Spicy Smoked Onion Mayo 320g



Spicy Smoked Onion Mayonnaise is a zesty twist on the classic condiment that packs a punch of heat and smokiness. Made with slow-smoked onions and habanero chilli flakes, this mayo has a bold and fiery flavor that will awaken your taste buds. Its creamy and smooth texture pairs perfectly with sandwiches, wraps, and even as a dip for fries or veggies. If you’re a fan of bold and spicy flavors, Spicy Smoked Onion Mayonnaise is a must-try condiment that will add a new level of excitement to your meals.

About the Producer

Canadian born chef/owner Heather Connolly has had a love affair with food from an early age. Raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in a family obsessed with food, she has been creating and experimenting in the kitchen for as long as she can remember.

While studying Fine Arts at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC Heather worked in various bistro and café kitchens. As a student, she would also host weekly Sunday dinners for her friends and always claimed that one day she would have her very own café. After a brief career in the arts, Heather packed her bags for Ireland. She wanted to travel, cook & live a new adventure abroad.

Her adventure is still ongoing. Since moving to Ireland, Heather received a Bachelor of Business & Culinary Arts from GMIT before she became the Head Chef opening The Gourmet Tart Co. Salthill and the Executive Chef opening the restaurant Upstairs @ McCambridge’s.

Heather’s love of food is infectious. She will babble on about an ingredient, a supplier, a dish or a meal with an enthusiasm that borders on obsession. She considers it a bit of a mission to share the joys of cooking and eating good, healthy, wholesome food with the world.

In 2015 Heather’s dream of owning her own café became a reality. She took over the successful Builín Blasta Café & Bakery in Spiddal- in her mind, the perfect spot to spread her love of food. Her motto remains the same- keep it fresh, keep it wholesome and keep it tasty. She works hard to ensure every dish, bread & cake is delicious and that every customer is treated with warmth & proper Irish hospitality.

Heather has a great team of chefs and service staff behind her helping her make her dream a reality. Jenya Hardziyuk from Belarus has been working with Heather since 2011 and now runs the busy Builín Blasta kitchen working at a fierce pace to get the food out to hungry customers.

Eimear Killian joined the business in 2021 and has been key to growing the cafe business, introducing a growing retail and wine off-license and opening the popular wine bar 2 night a week. Eimear’s warm hospitality makes all guests feel at home at Builín Blasta.

Heather will be the first to admit Builín Blasta Café & Bakery is a work in progress. From the small beginnings of a kitchen garden to the evolving menu and service style- the team work hard to learn and improve with every customer to create a dining experience full of welcome, warmth and soulful satisfaction.