Wild Irish Carrageen Organic Seaweed 40g


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Carrageen Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus) 40 Gram Pack
With delicate fronds and a deep pink colour, Irish Moss has a long history in Western cuisine. It is a good gelling agent suited to desserts and savoury dishes alike. It is traditionally used in the treatment of colds. It is harvested by hand where it is cut just above the root to ensure the re-growth of the algae.

To rehydrate: Soak in cold water for up to 5mins with a little salt
Salted: Wash salt off thoroughly before use
Fresh: Rinse thoroughly before use
Gel: Simmer in milk or water for around 10-20 mins, strain before use.

For best results, simmer for around 10 mins before eating (no longer than 30 mins) .For a stiff gel it is possible to simmer for a little longer.
Goes well with: Fish and seafood, milk, citrus, vinegar, ginger, honey, foie gra.
Boil/Steam in pasta sauces, with rice/risotto, accompaniment to fish, added to fish pies, stews, patties and croquettes.
Bake use as a bed for baked fish and chowders.
Cold Pickled, added to salads.
Thickener Sauces and soups.
Gel ice cream, jelly, mousse and blancmange.

About the Producer

Wild Irish Seaweeds Ltd have been harvesting wild organic seaweed from the west of Ireland for over 100 years. All our seaweed comes from the pristine nutrient rich waters of the the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of County Clare.

We have kept the same hand harvesting techniques handed down over 4 generations and innovated to build our state of the art drying and processing facility in order to produce the highest quality seaweeds available on the world market today

All our seaweed is hand harvested from the Atlantic Ocean. We only harvest our seaweed when its in season to ensure the nutrient profile of our seaweed is at its at its richest. Our harvesters like our ancestors use sustainable harvesting methods to ensure our seaweed will regenerate for the generations to come so we can continue to supply our customers with the finest seaweed on the market today.

We are a global leader in the supply of natural, wild organic seaweed for the Food IngredientsPharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Cosmetic industries. All our seaweeds are produced to the highest standards and our customers can be safe in the knowledge that their seaweed comes with Nutritional Analysis, Chemical and Microbiological Analysis, Organic Certification and Product Specification Sheets. We test all our harvest areas for water quality and we dry our seaweed using our state of the art drying systems to ensure the nutrient profile of our seaweed are intact during the drying process. We have milling and particle reduction machinery to custom make any size particles from wholeleaf to powder that our customers may require.