Wild Fuschia Irish Wheaten Bread Mix 350g


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Wild Fuschia’s Irish Wheaten Bread Mix 350g

Irish Wheaten Bread Mix


The Guild of Fine Food awarded our Irish Wheaten Bread Mix 2 STARS in the 2020 Great Taste Awards.


Wild Fuschia’s bread mixes are all easy to make and quick to bake and are ready in under an hour.  The bread mix gives fantastic results for even the novice baker, as well as the more experienced baker. There are only two additional ingredients needed to make the wheaten bread; buttermilk and an egg.

If you are trying to reduce dairy or are trying a vegan diet the bread mixes are also great using plant based alternatives such as rice milk or almond milk and you can replace the egg with a teaspoon of oil.  The pack makes a 1lb loaf and the only equipment required is a 1lb loaf tin for the oven.  I like to line my tin with baking parchment but you can always grease the tin with a little bit of oil or butter.

Wild Fuschia Bakehouse bread mix recipes replicate the recipes we used in the bakery in Dunfanaghy.  Unfortunately we closed the bakery due to Covid and have no plans at this time to reopen.

Menu Ideas

This Wheaten Bread goes so well with so many things and because it can be made so quickly, you can pop it in the oven and let it bake while you get on with preparing the rest of the meal.  It is lovely with a light lunch of home made soup, is a great accompaniment to a good old Ulster fry or it can be part of a sophisticated starter with scallops fried in butter, served on a bed of baby salad leaves.

Wheaten Bread

Bread has a long-standing history, shaped by cultural movements in Ireland over the centuries. The first bread of the Gaelic Irish was actually a simple rustic oatcake. Oatcakes are still traditional in Northern Ireland.

The Anglo-Normans brought wheaten bread here when they settled in Leinster and Munster in the 1100s. Later on, refined flours became the symbol of the wealthy, whilst rural communities still used wholemeal brown flour for their homemade loaves.

It wasn’t until after the Great Hunger and the loss of potatoes that bread became the main staple again in Ireland. Baking bread became prevalent in every home and saw some great developments in bread styles. Soda bread became popular, made with white or brown flour. A cake style yeastless bread which was quick and easy to make every morning by the lady of the house. Sometimes dried fruits, treacle or eggs were added for richness and sweetness.

Soda bread is still a huge favourite here, often featured on the breakfast tables of our wonderful culinary accommodations. Baked fresh every morning in the old fashioned way. In the past decade though, the upswing of small craft bakeries has also seen the introduction of yeast and sourdough bread from other parts of the world. Ireland is now internationally aware when it comes to bread! But even so, the bread that epitomises this nation is the simple soda bread we all love.

In Northern Ireland, brown soda bread is made with whole wheat flour and known as wheaten bread; in Ireland, soda bread tends to be made with all-purpose flour. You may also know this as brown bread which in Ireland typically refers to the same thing as wheaten bread in the North.

How To Bake

Wild Fuschia Wheaten Bread MiX
1 Medium Egg
160 Milk or 220ml Buttermilk
lib Loaf Tin, Baking parchment, Wire cooling wrack
-Preheat the oven to 180 °C/350°/Gas 4
– Empty the pack into a bowl, mix thoroughly.
– Add 160mls of milk and 1 Medium Egg
or 220mls buttermilk and 1 Egg
– Mix well and transfer to a 454g /1lb
bread tin lined with baking parchment
-Gently shake the tin so the batter is level.
– Place in the oven for 50 minutes or until
the bread sounds hollow when tapped
-Turn out on to a wire rack to cool or eat warm.

About the Producer

Wild Fuschia Bakehouse

Most of my childhood memories evoke a mix of tastes and smells associated with baking with my Granny and Great Aunt Maisie; hovering beside the range as Maisie mixed the pancake batter and my big brother and I raced to see who could eat the most pancakes. I never won the race, but I always got my fill of those sugary, moreish delights, which smelt so good, so I never really lost.

My mother carried on the tradition and is affectionately known as Granny Bun, creating more memories for her Grandchildren. I feel I’m simply taking my place in a long line of women who loved to bake and to share that love with their nearest and dearest.

I’ve developed a range of award winning dry bread mixes that will help with meal times to make them easier, tastier and fresher. A busy schedule shouldn’t mean we have to compromise on the good things in life.

The bread mixes are easy to make, ready in under an hour and are simple, wholesome, tasty products that bring our recipes to your home, with great results.


Sian McCann (Owner/Baker)