Staffords Farmhouse Brown Bread 500g



About the Producer

Stafford’s Bakery has been in operation in Gorey, since the 1950′s. It was started in the town center by Sean Stafford Senior, and the family and staff have gone on to develop a state-of-the-art Bakery at the IDA Industrial Estate in Clonattin, Gorey, Co Wexford (Ireland).

It’s safe to say that the Stafford family know a thing or two about baking! Having run their family bakery in Gorey for 65 years they have passed their wisdom and knowledge down through three generations of family and staff. Here at Stafford Bakeries we pride ourselves on making quality Bread, Cakes and Confectionery for our Customers.

Stafford Bakeries produces high quality bread and confectionery in the old-fashioned traditional way. The range of products is huge, from traditional Irish Soda Breads, crusty breads, breakfast breads (under the Noirins trademark), Rolls and Scones to Black Forest Gateaux, Pavlovas, Cheesecake and a full range of small cakes including eclairs, doughnuts, pastries etc. We also produce par baked breads which are supplied frozen to shopkeepers and baked by the shopkeeper as needed.

Stafford Bakeries is one of the most innovative bakeries in the country using new bakery technology. From the mixing of the ingredients to the baking of our products, craft and dedication play a vital part within our business.

We use traditional methods within a modern bakery to provide great tasting products. We never rush a process and we pride our business on “quality without compromise” allowing our breads to rest and our delicious cream cakes to be baked by eye and finished by hand.

Stafford’s operate three Cafes called “Joanne’s”, on the Main Streets of Gorey, Wexford and Arklow, where our customers enjoy not only tea, coffee, rolls cakes snacks etc, but also a wide-ranging menu covering Breakfast, Lunch and food suitable at any time of the day.