Shines Mackerel Fillets in Brine 125g



Mackerel is a fast swimming, surface feeding fish which is rapidly acquiring a gourmet following. With its excellent taste and health benefits it is highly valued for its rich oil content and succulent texture. Mackerel is fast becoming recognised as a nutritional ‘superfish’ due to it’s high content of key nutrients – Omega 3, Vitamin D , Vitamin B12 – as well as being high in Protein
and low in Carbs.
Our mackerel fillets are skinless and boneless and we only use North East Atlantic winter mackerel (scomber scombrus) in our ready to eat tins.

About the Producer

Living and working in Killybegs, Ireland’s premier fishing port for over 40 years has taught us a few things about premium seafood and Irish fish. Our family’s love for this fish has driven us to source Irish Albacore tuna and bring it to the Irish market. Irish Albacore Tuna is…