Emerald Oils Rapeseed Oil 500ml


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Health Benefits of Rapeseed Cooking Oil.

100% NATURAL – No artificial additives/preservatives or colourings.

SUPER FILTERED – Our oil is passed through a 15 stage filtration system to increase the oil clarity.

HIGH IN: Omega 3, ten times higher than olive oil, high in vitamin E, also contains omega 6 & 9.

FREE FROM: Dairy, gluten, lactose and preservatives.

RAPESEED OIL works best with the Irish metabolism, it helps lower cholesterol.

LOW IN: Salt and saturated fat.

BURN POINT – HIGH BURN POINT 220˚ – Rapeseed oil has a higher burn point than olive oil and is more suited to the northern European diet.


GM FREE – All our seeds are GM free

HIGHEST QUALITY – Our oil is a high quality, pure, natural & healthy oil

About the Producer

Every single stage in creating Emerald Rapeseed Oil is completed from start to finish directly down on the Corbett farm.

The best rapeseed oils, just like the finest wines embody the very soul of the land and the care of the producer. Emerald Oil seduces the eye with its golden colour of liquid sunshine, teases the senses and delights the palette with its pure favour combined with a subtle, pleasant and distinctive aftertaste.

For the Corbetts, it's a fruit of their holistic vision and proof that doing it all equals doing it right.