Niks Tea Organic Hemp Chill Out Herbal Tea 15 pack 37.5g


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Calming and soothing hemp herbal tea. Delicious orange taste. This combination of vervain, rooibos and hemp promotes relaxation, aids sleep and improves digestive health

About the Producer

Niks Tea started like many Irish family businesses at the kitchen table. We are great tea drinkers but in 2011 when Niks Tea began there was very little quality Irish leaf tea blends available to buy locally or buy tea online. We tested the waters at local farmers markets & food events and were delighted to find really enthusiastic speciality tea drinkers who loved our teas.

From these humble beginnings Niks Tea blends have achieved the highest accolades winning many national food awards, listings in flagship supermarkets, speciality & health food retail stores and since 2016 our catering range is served in many café’s, restaurants & hotels throughout the country.

Our Mission
Niks Tea aims to create Organic Herbal teas that are healthy & full of exciting flavours for experimental & experienced tea enthusiasts. We are committed to an ecological production process & packaging plan and strive to create a memorable & enjoyable tea experience that’s affordable and convenient for customers to source & prepare.