MiWadi Double Concentrate Orange and Pineapple 1L



"It's not your Wadi...it's MiWadi!"
A juicy dash, a fruity splash...MiWadi makes the water that you need to drink each day extra delicious and refreshing.

About the Producer

MiWadi is an Irish soft drink brand and formerly by Cantrell and Cochrane (C&C), bottled in Nassau Place Dublin, on the second floor syrup room.

Its name comes from the initial letters of C&C's predecessor company, Mineral Water Distributors, which was formed in 1927. The range includes blackcurrant, lemon, lime, and orange & pineapple fruit squashes, with additional flavours produced on a seasonal basis

The slogan of MiWadi is "It's not your Wadi, it's MiWadi", seen on MiWadi bottles and commercials. The drink suffered declining sales during the 1990s, occupying only 16.4% of the market share by 1995, but it experienced a sales renaissance in the 21st century and as of 2005 it accounted for 37% of fruit squash sold in the Irish market.