Hunky Dorys Cheddar Cheese & Spring Onion 135g



Hunky Dorys is the fastest growing crisps brand and the number 1 crinkle cut crisp brand in Ireland. Established in 1996, Hunky Dorys is a truly satisfying chunky alternative to standard crisps. Hunky Dorys is known for its fun, extrovert and cheeky personality with strong flavours, including the unique Buffalo flavour, inspired by the herd of Buffaloes located near the factory in Co. Meath.

Hunky Dorys campaigns over the years have been edgier than your typical crisps brand and have caught the attention of the public and media alike. Playful and exciting, Hunky Dorys has a great sense of humour. The brand loves to engage and entertain its consumers through daring marketing campaigns, the most recent of which is the ‘Satisfy Yourself’ campaign which encompasses a new TV commercial, outdoor activation and digital activations which have included a collaboration with the animation legend ‘Sminky Shorts’.

About the Producer

Tayto was established by Joe ‘Spud’ Murphy in 1954 at a time when most crisps were imported from the UK and were unflavoured bar the small blue bag of salt included in each bag to enhance the flavour. Spotting a niche in the Irish market, Joe Murphy set up…