Fused by Fiona Katsu Curry Paste 100g


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Replicate your favourite restaurant Katsu Curry at home with Fused Katsu Curry Paste.

After several years living in Japan, Fused founder Fiona was determined to create a Katsu Curry paste with taste and quality ingredients at the heart.

You can expect lots of flavour, but no artificial preservatives, additives, MSG or refined sugars.

Our fragrant curry pastes are perfect for large numbers, when a stir-fry pouch won’t do.

About the Producer

Fused is different because it’s personal. A love affair with Asian food, fuelled by three years living in the region, saw Fiona Uyema channel her passion into an award-winning food business that puts flavour and convenience at its heart. 
“Fused doesn’t conform to anyone else’s notions of value, taste, tradition. It is one person’s recipes, one person’s vision, and one person’s story. With these products, I’m telling you mine.”