Fairfield Farm non homogenised Fresh Wexford Milk 2ltr



Fairfield Farm is the only fresh cow milk producer in county Wexford. During the spring summer and autumn Fairfield Farm cows roam free on the lush green fields outside Enniscorthy. Fairfield Farm milk is only pasteurised and not homogenised leaving all the good stuff in the milk, taking you back to your childhood of how milk should taste like with all the health benefits. Homogenisation breaks down the fat globules in milk and stops the cream floating to the surface as it would do naturally. Cream always sits on the top of each milk carton so you should always shake before every use, this is where the old saying comes from “the cream always rises to the top”

100% pure Wexford Milk
Nutritional Values per 100ml Energy 267KJ 64kcal Fat 3.4g Of which Saturates 2.2g Carbohydrate 4.6g Of which Sugar 4.6g Protein 3.3g Salt 0.11g Calcuim 111mg

About the Producer

My parents purchased the present farm in 1945. The farm is currently in its third generation but heading for the fourth, with my son, M.J. involved.” In November 2013, Nicky Doyle began selling pasteurised non-homogenised whole cows’ milk from Fairfield Farm directly to consumers. He embarked on this journey…