Drumderry Plain White Flour 1.5kg


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About the Producer

Drumderry Flour Milling Company is based near Bunclody County Wexford. The mill is owned and operated by two local men; a farmer and a whiskey distiller. The flour mill was set up in 2020 during the covid pandemic, when demand for flour was at an all time high and supplies quickly ran out in shops all across Ireland.

Drumderry’s flour is freshly milled using a hand crafted Danish stone mill. Stone milling flour and supplying products that are fresh for baking brings back an old tradition to baking. Fresh ingredients are a must for the best outcomes. Quality flour is a key ingredient in making healthy and flavourful bread, scones, etc. Drumderry produces flour that is nutritious and flavourful, with several health benefits over refined varieties.

It is important to note that Drumderry’s stoneground flour is very different from the white flour found in supermarkets. Roller milled commercial flour has the bran and the germ removed from the endosperm leaving exceptionally white flour with a longer shelf life. The bran and the germ are where you find the most flavour in the grain of the wheat. Drumderry’s stoneground white flour tends to be more beige in appearance because pieces of the germ and the bran are retained in the flour. Baked goods may appear a little darker, but taste and nutritional value are optimal.

Baking with freshly milled flour can require observation and slight adjustments in comparison to using industrial flour. For example some recipes require extra fluid or extra time in the oven.

Drumderry’s flour is milled and distributed to farm shops and bakeries across the south east on a same day basis. Drumderry flour is free of preservatives and therefore shelf life is reduced by exposure to Moisture, Air and Heat. To maximise the nutritional value of Drumderry’s freshly milled flour it is best to use it rather than store it.