Crossogue Blackcurrant & Irish Stout 225g



About the Producer

Having been born and spent my early years in Kenya, I moved to Ireland to marry a wonderful Irish man and together we run the family farm Crossogue. Now 50 years of marriage later with six children and fourteen grand children, I am still here and have enjoyed the journey it has all taken me on!

For the past 26 years Crossogue Preserves has been an integral part of that story. It started with my passion for using produce from my garden and hedgerows on the farm, this combined with the traditional methods taught to me by my mother in law Nancy, led me to creating a range of preserves for the family. From here I started to sell the surplus at the local country market before a continuous demand over the years has brought us to where we are today.

We are now stocked by purveyors of fine foods throughout Ireland as well as exporting to a small number of international select food stores. We have just started to offer a range of gifts on our website, that we can send anywhere in the world.

Not a lot has changed from the early days, all our products are still hand made in small batches in a kitchen on the farm with nothing added to natural ingredients except lots of time and enthusiasm. While we can no longer produce all the ingredients on the farm, we carefully source the best quality ingredients locally and then further afield. The other element that has changed over the years is the wonderful team that has grown around me to meet the growth in demand.

I am immensely proud of my team and the range of preserves that we produce today and I want the taste and texture of each and every product to reflect the attention and homemade nature that our customers expect today.

We now have over ninety products and this will continue to grow with the innovation of new flavours and choices being a key part of what we offer today. Cooking in small batches in our kitchen allow us the flexibility to do this. So watch out for our new products on the way!

Our Home

Crossogue has been in the Molloy family for 5 generations, located in the heart of picturesque Tipperary that is famous for its fertile land and what it produces. Crossogue preserves grew from the availability of so many wonderful natural ingredients found on the farm.There has been an explosion in quality food production in the Tipperary region in recent years due to the abundance of the excellent raw materials. This has led to the Tipperary Food producers group being formed, which champions the development and support of quality food producers in the region.

Today Crossogue is not only the base for the preserves; it is also a working Stud farm and offers residential equestrian holidays for small numbers of guests from around the world. Crossogue House continues to be the hub of the Molloy family, who have spread their wings to live in different parts of the world. There are regular gatherings for those special occasions. The magical smell of the various preserves being made over the years obviously had an effect on one member of the family John, who along with his wife Clara are responsible for the internationally acclaimed perfume range called Memo .

We are privileged to wake up each day and to be surrounded by nature, it’s beauty and the bounty it provides. We hope that you enjoy some of the tastes that it allows us to share through our preserves and if you are passing please drop in and say Hi!

enjoy some of the tastes that it allows us to share through our preserves and if you are passing please drop in and say Hi!