Ciaras Pantry Piquant Chilli Jelly 240g


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Waves of warmth with subtle undertones of garlic and ginger. Suberb with Meats, Chicken, Cream Cheese, Fish, Pate, in Wraps or Rolls, Stir Fries, in Sauces, as a Glaze, with Bagels & Cream Cheese

Apples, Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Chillis 2%, Red Peppers, Garlic,Ginger
Energy 240 Kcals, 1004 Kjoules, Protein 0.40g, Carbohydrate 59g [of which sugar 55g], Fat 0.20g, Fibre 2.48g, Sodium 4.56 mg, Salt 0.01g

About the Producer

Ciara's Pantry welcomes you to taste a delicious range of all natural products made from the freshest ingredients, all locally sourced to ensure freshness and quality. There are no artificial colours, flavourings, artificial preservatives, sweeteners or additives used. There are serving suggestions for every jar of product to help turn your meal into a gastronomic delight, just by the twist of a lid. Ideal for today’s busy lifestyle.