Carrigbyrne St Killian Farmhouse Cheese 150g



St. Killian is Carrigbyrne’s signature cheese.. It’s a delicious, full-flavoured camembert, made with vegetable rennet. Mild when young, the cheese develops and aromatic, clean flavour and softens as it matures. It has a smooth buttery taste and soft melting interior. Patiently hand-crafted in both 250g hexagonal and 150g round, with a bloomy white rind. St. Killian’s is freshly made from pasteurised cow’s milk, sourced from the farm’s own herd. Over the years the recipe and techniques have remained the same, ensuring that our customers always receive the cheese they’ve come to love and enjoy. The perfect addition to any cheese board!

About the Producer

In 1982, Paddy Berridge set up Carrigbyrne Farmhouse Cheese. Within twelve months, he and his wife Julie produced their first award-winning brie. This marked the beginning of something special. Today, over 30 years later, Paddy and Julie still run the dairy farm on the outskirts of Adamstown,a village in Co. Wexford, where they continue to win numerous awards and perfect the craft of artisan cheese production.