Blanco Nino Sea Salt Tortilla Chips 170g


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Who’d have guess corn tortilla chips could taste like corn…well, they should. Crunchy, morish, and so deliciously addictive, these humble little tortilla chips will take your taste buds from the beaches of the Yucatan to the hills of Central Mexico.

Non-GMO white cornSunflower oilSea saltCelestún Salt
Nutritional Info. Per 100g Energy 2003 kj/ 478 kcal Fat 20.7g of which saturates 2.3g Carbohydrate 69.2g of which sugars 0.9g Fibre 4.4g Protein 6.4g Salt 1.3g

About the Producer

A few years back, our founder Phil set out on what would become quite a serendipitous journey across Mexico. Visiting the milpas, molinos and tortillerias of Mexico, Phil learnt how to make proper corn tortillas, like the ones found in the street markets of Oaxaca & Mexico City ….