Blanco Nino Chilli and Lime Tortilla Chips 170g



We’re excited to be introducing a flavour featuring the smokey flavour of ancho chillis which are complemented with the sharp citrus flavour of lime juice.

Puebla is the home of some of Mexico’s richest culinary heritage and the most incredible Ancho chillies. Fresh, these chillies are called Poblanos but when sun dried they transform and intensify in flavour and take the name of Ancho. We source ours from a heritage farmer named Jorge.

About the Producer

A few years back, our founder Phil set out on what would become quite a serendipitous journey across Mexico.

Visiting the milpas, molinos and tortillerias of Mexico, Phil learnt how to make proper corn tortillas, like the ones found in the street markets of Oaxaca & Mexico City . Along the way, he picked up an affectionate nick-name – Blanco Niño.

Inspired by the tastes and traditions of Mexico, Phil returned to Ireland and in 2015, along with a great team, he opened the doors to the Tortilleria in Tipperary.

By dedicating ourselves to the ancient Aztec tortilla-making method of Nixtamalization, and only using the very best ingredients, we are fortunate enough to now call many of the best chefs across Europe our customers.

As it takes a village to raise a child, Blanco Niño wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the 100s of crowdfunders who backed us, our amazing customers and our incredible team.