We are a small, Dublin based, family business. We have been supplying top quality meat & pastry products since 1908. Today we are managed by Nicola Mogerley, who took over when her sister retired. Nicola is the 5th generation key keeper of this centennial company. Nicola’s great grandfather arrived in Dublin in the late 1800’s. In 1908 he opened his first butcher shop at Number 80 Great Brunswick Street (Pearse Street), Dublin 2. In approximately 1934 he and his wife Mary, moved the shop and family to South Circular Road, Dublin 8.

We started making pies in the mid 1950s. My grandfather George took ownership of a pork pie machine which had been sourced in the UK. Along with our sausage rolls, our pork pies were a winner in Dublin. We supplied many grocers, delicatessens and other butcher shops. After their success, we slowly but surely introduced the range that still exists today. My great grandmother was an excellent cook having worked in one of the “big houses” in Sunderland. She was a clever lady and she developed the Steak & Kidney recipe that we still use today. Fair dues to her, it’s still our biggest seller – like I said, she was a clever woman!

Mogerley Sausages, our most original product, is widely accepted as one of the best on the market. Still manufactured in Dublin, our meat content is high and our production method solid. We have been providing sausages to many takeaways and restaurants since our inception in 1908. Do you get a sausage at the chipper? It’s probably ours!