Derek Walsh uses traditional old Irish methods to dry age his beef and his beef is so tender and full of flavour, when cooked correctly you could his beef with a spoon. Unlike most supermarkets where they would wet age their beef (they wet age their beef so the beef do not lose moister, when the beef loses moister it gets lighter and a lighter piece cuts into the supermarket profit margin) Derek uses his knowledge to use traditional dry age methods and this means less profit for Derek because the hung piece would shrink and lose weight but the final result is 100% well worth it, restaurant quality cuts of beef that are tender and full of flavour.

Derek Walsh is farming in Passage East, Co. Waterford, where he lives with his wife and family. Being from a
farming background, his family had for generations before him supplied home produced milk and vegetables to Waterford City grocers, however Derek decided to take a different route. He chose to pursue a career in butchering and garnered extensive experience in the business, from retail to meat processing. He mastered all aspects of the business in Ireland as well throughout Europe, having worked in Belgium, Netherlands, France and Norway.

In 2015, Derek decided to go out on his own and use the knowledge and experience he gained over the years to supply a
premium artisan product in his Dry Aged Beef. Hence, he set up a meat processing company close to home
in Carrick-On Suir, Co. Tipperary.

Looking for a route to market, he decided to focus on producing high-end quality beef products „from pasture to plate‟, and with his vast contacts gathered over the years he spent working abroad, his first customer was in Paris, France. Since then, as well as supplying high-end local Restaurants and Artisan Butchers throughout East Coast of Ireland, he has also built up his export market and now exports to the UK, Germany, France and Switzerland.Sourcing the stock: Derek believes that in order to produce the best beef products, the cattle must live in “a happy and stress-free environment. All our animals are sourced from local farmers and must be free-range and grass-reared”. Derek prefers traditional the traditional Irish breed Hereford, due to the high quality of  the beef and the ability of the breed to live outdoors 365 days of the year.

Dry Aged Beef: While in Norway, Derek worked with local Artisan Producers and discovered what he believes to be the
best methods of Dry Ageing. The most important room built in the factory was our dry aged chamber, according to Derek. This is where our beef hangs and matures for 28 days in a Temperature controlled atmosphere. After 28 days the beef is ready for slicing into prime Rib-Eye, Tomahawk, Striploin and Fillet Steaks. Due to the popularity of our 28 Day Dry Aged Beef we are currently in the process of building a second chamber.