Myself and my brother Darren had a vision for a coffee company we always wanted to start. For as long as I remember I have had a love of coffee, getting into home roasting 15 years ago, progressing this hobby to a small 1kg commercial roaster out the back of the family business. I would finish work and go into my ‘roastery’ (tin shed) and roast for a few hours trying to progress every aspect of it.

In 2017, after many years of talking, myself, Darren and John (our dad, the Don) decided to setup Brady’s Coffee Company. Darren comes from a background of company management and sales, he is also very good at hands on projects, a combination which is needed for the coffee industry.

Renting time on a roaster, we a launched Brady’s Coffee Company at Showcase Ireland in 2017. We had a great response and quickly moved on to our own Probat roaster in our premises in Wicklow town.

Catherine has been involved from the start with planning and product development, she left her job in 2018 to join us full time as our head roaster. Catherine comes from an architectural background so has creativity and organisational skills in abundance, both well needed to become a skilled roaster!

Over the past 4 years we have developed a fantastic range of coffees, including our Barrel -Aged Coffee, a process we mastered over a number of years. Along with our retail bags we have developed a successful wholesale range for cafes.

From how the coffee is grown down to the packaging it is delivered in, our focus is to deliver delicious coffees in a sustainable way.