It really is that simple. Don’t you agree that the world would, in fact, be a merrier place if we focused less on ‘hoarded gold’ and more on a well-stocked kitchen?

And in that kitchen, a big table laden with good food, surrounded by people who feel welcome, valued and at ease?

Because what you are now doing is telling these people ‘I love you, I want to nourish you, I want you to know how precious you are’.

What’s more, this food need not be exotic nor cost the earth; even the most everyday food can be made into a delicious, exciting dish, once of course it is given that little extra love and attention.

It was in one such kitchen that our Gourmet Savoury Jellies came into being. My family just love food, and I love feeding them. From our time in Canada, we were familiar with, and loved, jalapeno jelly. When we move home to Ireland, this condiment wasn’t available, and necessity being the mother of all invention, this mother invented her own jalapeno jelly.

It soon became obvious that the light, melt-in-the-mouth texture of jelly could become the base for many other delicious savoury flavours. So, we set about developing unique, gourmet jellies using our favouite herbs, fruits and seasonings: jalapenos, basil, balsamic vinegar, sage, pink peppercorns and capers.

The result is a range of jellies that are versatile, delicious and full of flavour. As for our name? well…who doesn’t fancy A Bit on the Side?